Merry late Christmas and Happy new years guys!

Nothing new except I finished a meme that I’ve started back in September hlahdsa my life.

Here. [pewpew]


Hello Hello is this working?

Oh wow I haven’t been touching this for a year?? I’m sorry I’m prone to disappearing like a dust fairy.
Right, anyone remember about the big MEME that I was trying to make people hype about? Well, unfortunately, it’s not happening because of
1.nobody wanted to come up with the questions
2. I fell out of the phrase lmao
I just got really tired of bugging people to come up with the questions. Unless, ofc you guys come up with some questions for me now??
But otherwise, I’ll just go back to deviantart and hunt there meme blanks there.
I’m not as active at drawing out all these memes as before but I managed to crap out one somewhere in the beginning of the year. [here]
Some of you might’ve seen it I think since I ninja edited the meme compilation post back then |D
and that’s about it I guess? hahaha…and drafts for episode 13 and 14 are like sitting in my folder collecting electronic dust ehhhhhh I-I’ll get to it…one day…

I run out of title ideas

drawing of the…time(?) I did it a week ago but I hadn’t touched it since 8D

I get lazy of keeping this site alive lol if you wanna watch my drawings you can watch me on tumblr but I mostly reblog stuff than actually draw HAHAHA. But even with that said, I would still post stuff here, only when I feel like it’s a REAL update.

Until then, ciao.

ps. I’m still waiting for the meme questions.

not dead yet

Just very lazy

Quick ‘break’ sketch of Sciendelle. I swear the more I draw him, the longer his hair gets *looks back at prev memes*

Oh, and here’s something I drew last week



ooh mister x meme. I had to do it

click it to view

Enter phase2

Signing up over last week with Cat(Me), Wolf, Xyi, Fox, Sky, Cloud, Moo(Narnia), J.Han & Annie Check in the list. But Sky dropped out at the last minute…so..hnm..nevermind, Phase 2 commence!

More designs first–

I changed Moo’s AB design. Well, technically this is the original design (with some adjustments). The reason I change the design (to the one in the previous post) was b/c when I started coloring this, it came out horrendous. Will attempt to color another time ~.~

Next, Jelly Han’s AB

I know he looks a bit ‘off’…I don’t really take care of proportions when I design /meh

Now Cloud’s the only one left to design.

Oh yea, I realized I didn’t show Fox’s design yet so

I draw senget 😛  those feathery feathers are subject to change

And here’s Fox lacking those super long sleeve and the feathery feathers with a (cartoon) fox.

Done and out

PS: baaaaaaaaaaaa
I just had to do it xD

Nothing much

Last char design for MM

GX for Cloud.
To be honest, I sorta felt like I was drawing something from Gundam

Edit: I just got SAI from my friend 😀 I’m still getting used to it but here’s Sciendelle

In all his luxurious blueness


Another one! Solis

Her cap was pretty hard 😐